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We know that retirement can feel abstract—especially since so much about the future is unknown. That’s why we built a simple retirement savings calculator to help you answer the question: “how much do I need to retire?” Just answer a few easy questions about yourself, the details of your savings, and what kind of lifestyle you expect in your later years, and we’ll share insights to help you more confidently approach retirement.


Are you saving enough for retirement?

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Your situation is unique.

Everyone has different ideas about what an ideal retirement looks like, and how to best fund it. We also know that planning for retirement can feel overwhelming given the sheer number of investment products available. But ultimately, the basics of retirement planning are simple: build a diversified portfolio of assets that can provide the income necessary to maintain your standard of living after you leave the workforce.

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We’re here to help.

At New York Life, our financial professionals can help guide you to financial security and freedom. Whether it’s explaining the finer points of a deferred-income annuity or different ways to save for retirement, we are here to help guide you and your family. Because the more you learn about retirement strategies, the more confident you can be in your decision making—and your financial future.

Things to remember when preparing for retirement.


Don’t just focus on your savings, income is important.

Maintaining various forms of income in your retirement can help compliment your savings.


Distinguish between long-term and short-term needs.

Paying off your mortgage? Worried about future healthcare costs? Different goals and different time tables require different strategies.


Think about your aspirations.

Beyond preparing for your future life needs, we want to know about your financial hopes and dreams—so we can help you realize them.

More information and resources.

We have the tools and products you need to make sure your retirement is a successful one.

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Planning for retirement

A successful retirement requires knowledge and a solid strategy to make your retirement savings last.

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Retirement income later with deferred income annuities

Make decisions today to maximize your income down the road.

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Learn more about life insurance

How life insurance can help you reach your retirement goals.

Want to learn more about planning for retirement?

Connect with a financial professtional