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For Business Owners

Our mission at Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. is to service your company’s executive benefits package. We offer products through many of the major insurance carriers. This allows us to provide you with a non-biased recommendation on your existing benefits package. Our associates will meet with your executives and answer any questions with regards to your benefits package.

Business Succession and Exit Strategies

A lifetime of work goes into the development of a successful business, often making it a client’s most valuable asset. An estate and business succession plan should be in place to protect that asset and ensure its viability and value long into the future. We can offer innovative strategies for the continuation of the business that address the needs of each family member.

Executive Benefits

Most successful businesses employ talented executives whose contributions to the bottom line are critical. It is essential to attract and retain high-caliber people. We can suggest a variety of benefit packages that effectively retain key employees as well as attract new ones.

Additional Services and Products We Can Offer Your Business:


- Life Insurance
- Disability Insurance
- Long Term Care Insurance
- Medical Insurance

Executive Benefits

- Buy-Sell Funding
- Split Dollar
- Executive Bonus
- Key Person Insurance
- Deferred Compensation
- Executive Carve-Out
- Restricted Executive Bonus

Qualified Plans

- Profit Sharing
- Money Purchase
- 401(k)
- 412(e)(3)
- IRAs

Payroll Deduction

- Whole Life Insurance
- Term Life
- Universal Life
- Disability Insurance
- Long Term Care Insurance

Employer-Sponsored Financial Advisory Services

A company who sponsors comprehensive financial planning benefits or qualified plans such as 401(k), 412i, Profit Sharing, ESOPs, SIMPLE 401(k) can retain Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. to present the following seminars. All seminar presentations are generically formatted, compliance approved, and designed for educational purposes only. Call us to preview these and other seminars we present to corporations and their employees.

Retirement Planning

- “Passport to Retirement”
- “Retirement Investment Strategies”
- “Retirement Planning”

Budgeting/Personal Finance

- “Financial Management”
- “Employment Transitions”
- “Taking Control”


- “Investment Strategies”
- “Market Watch”



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